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Embryolab is a state of the art Fertility Clinic, operating in Thessaloniki since 2004.

The Embryolab team consists of top-notch doctors, embryologists and scientists from many disciplines with great specialisation and experience in the field of fertility.

With insistence on quality and equipment at the cutting edge of technology, Embryolab has been certified since 2007 with ISO 9001:2015 and EN 15224:2017 standards.

Embryolab is the first assisted reproduction unit in Greece to have been certified under the Covid Shield scheme by TÜV AUSTRIA.

Embryolab supports fertility with therapy protocols tailored to the personal needs of each couple.

In Embryolab we work daily with respect to people’s dream to become parents.

Changing lives. Creating families.

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Here you’ll find people who care for you

The Embryolab team consists of top-notch doctors, embryologists and scientists from many disciplines with great specialisation and experience in the field of fertility.

However, when you come here you will verify another thing: Each one of us and all of us together care for you, your choice, your life. And we show it in every possible way.

Respecting your dream to make a family, we move on and develop. Here our interest is shown in practice and on a daily basis.


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I need people at my side to join me in my journey and who I can trust even on the smallest of things during this process.

I want someone to 'support' me consistently and show interest in all areas of life and in all my activities.

My way of life does not leave time for communication during regular working hours. I need a program which will make me feel that I can overcome the everyday obstacles, so I can realize my dream!!

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  • Sarah Waterman, Vancouver, CA
    Thank you to all involved in the procedure for making our experience extremely pleasant from start to finish. We highly recommend Embryolab IVF Clinic to anyone. Having being elsewhere before visiting you Clinic, we were feeling very insecure and frightened at the beginning. You were all so very caring and made us feel like home, miles away from home.
    Sarah Waterman, Vancouver, CA
  • J.D.
    After 14 years of struggling to conceive, my husband and I met initially with Embryolab experts back in 2016, in London. By that time, even though we were trying our best to be positive, it was looking bleak and the road had been all uphill for so long. A year later, and 2 operations in, we and the whole Embryolab team walked the emotional journey together, which led us to finally get pregnant. Today I truly respect and honor each member of the super professional team at Embryolab Fertility Clinic, who played such a significant role in making our dream a blissful reality. Our sweet baby Alex is born. So much compassion, love and care are rarely found elsewhere. Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts!!
  • George and Katerina
    A few minutes ago our daughter was born! You are the first we announce it to, because you are now our family! Thanks to you, we live for the second time the ultimate happiness! Thank you all, each and every one of you for all these moments that you stood next to us and together we managed to create our family! May God give you strength to continue spreading happiness!
    George and Katerina
  • Elena and Nikos
    We warmly thank the whole Embryolab team for the treasure you gave us and we hold now in our arms! Thank you for your support, care, respect and all the miracles you do every day! May all of you be well!
    Elena and Nikos
  • S. and S.
    Dear Dr. Pappa, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Thank you Embryolab for everything!!! We will talk in person soon. Many kisses from G.,S. and S.
    S. and S.
  • A and G
    Thank you so much! Thanks to you we are now holding in our hands our own angel! Born February 21, weighing 3520g. and measuring 51 cm long. Many kisses to our doctors and midwives
    A and G
  • familly icon
    We’ve been meaning to contact you for a long time now, but we haven’t got round to it since we have a baby girl that’s been demanding our whole attention. On the 8th of November I gave natural birth to my daughter. My labour was just fine and our little girl was born bouncing. Apart from the first period of time after the delivery, when starting breastfeeding was difficult and my hormones needed to get back to normal, everything else is just fine. I’m solely breastfeeding her with lots of commitment and patience. She is a little teaser and a very happy baby. She’s not so easy when it comes to sleeping, but one can’t have it all! I’m sending you some of her pictures. We hope you are all well and continue to make more couples happy just like you made us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you’ve done for us.
    B. N. – F. K.
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    Dear Popi, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Thank you is the least I can say for the precious gift that you’ve given us!!! I’m enormously grateful to you because you stood by side during this whole time, not just as a professional, but also as a friend. I thank the whole team and especially you for everything that we’ve shared together. I hope you and your family are well and that you continue to give support and help as willingly as you did to me! Lots of love,
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    On 5/11/2016 I gave birth to my baby boy. Thank you is the least I can say! I can’t even find the right words to describe the feelings I have for the little creature I have. The only thing I can say with certainty is that you’ve put together the most defining pieces of my life. I will never forget that moment! Honestly I have no words to express my gratitude for everything that you’ve done for us!!! I love and appreciate you ALL! I send my kisses to all the girls that supported me! Thank you, thank you and thank you!!!
    M. P.
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    There’s nothing like the first time you hold your baby in your arms! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the precious gift you have given us!!!
    Charis – Vivi
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    We’d like to thank the whole Embryolab team for being there for us until the miracle happened! After 15 years of trying, we now hold our little angels in our arms! May God give you the strength to continue to give happiness to others as well!!!
    Lia – Christos
  • familly icon
    Another little miracle has happened in this world! Thanks to you, 4 years after our baby boy was born, our baby girl was also delivered. No matter how many times we thank you, it won’t be enough! We love you all!
    Nikos – Maria
  • familly icon
    After 5 years of trying, we managed, thanks to your help, to bring a bouncing baby boy into the world! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You are all amazing! Continue to make more people in need, happy!
    Eleni – Klearchos
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    Thank you for making our dream come true! Today, we are celebrating our little prince’s first birthday! We love you all!
    Thomas – Dimitra
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    Thanks to you the star of our lives came into the world! Thank you for your professionalism, for being methodical and for taking care of us! Thank you for making our dream come true!
    Petros – Evangelia
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    Everything a couple who’s been trying to have a baby needs, you give: Methodical work, guidance, support & scientific integrity!
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    I only have the best to remember and say about you!!! Thanks to you I’m able to hold my twins in my arms. Thank you!
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    There are no words to describe how moved I feel when I see this wall full of happy people who are smiling and make me smile as well as I realise that I can always turn to people who have the grace and talent to find a solution to my problem; who offer help and scientific knowledge; who have polite manners and a caring smile and can help me bring A NEW LIFE into this world! After so many agonising efforts and one failure, my husband and I can finally write this thank you note we’ve been dreaming about. There are no words to thank you enough for the precious little creature you have given us—our son; the most beautiful and sweet baby in the world (isn’t that what all parents say about their little child?). Most of all I’d like to thank you, Doctor, because thanks to you we can now hold this miracle in our arms. Thanks to your help we became a family; our arms and hearts are full! And what a surprise: as difficult as it was for me to get pregnant, the easier my pregnancy was. It was as if my body had been expecting this particular baby; this sweet little face who is sleeping peacefully as I’m writing these words. Thank you, Doctor, from the bottom of our hearts for standing by our side and supporting us with optimism and confidence throughout the whole procedure. We met you when everything seemed doomed and dark and you were the one who gave us hope after we had our first failure. You and the Embryolab team! Thank God for sending you in our path. The road to parenthood seemed steep; almost like a mountain we had to climb. Nevertheless, with your guidance and the exceptional cooperation we had with everyone at the Centre, that mountain became a small hill; still with a magical view!!! We thank you personally for your consistency when dealing with our problem and for treating us humane. We also thank the embryologist. No matter how many times we thank you, it won’t be enough to express the feelings we have for you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! May God keep you safe so you can continue to do what you know best: make more couples shed tears of joy! We hope Angelos, our boy, will continue to be the happy and quiet baby that he is and that he’ll grow up to be strong and healthy! You stand out in a field that has become extremely commercial. Thank you very much for everything for everything! (This letter was given to the gynaecologist of the Assisted Reproduction Unit, Mr. Anesidis)
    K. V.
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    Ultra-fantastic ultrasound! My husband and I send you the recent ultrasound of the twins we are carrying in order to thank you once again! We wish the whole Embryolab team has a Happy New Year and you are all healthy and strong in order to continue the very important job that you do!
    E. M.
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    I’d like to thank you all very much and especially Mrs. Chatziparasidou and Mr. Pappas for helping me deliver my 4-months-old handsome young man. I’m lucky to have found you, after so many years of hardship. We’re both sending you our kisses!
    D. K.
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    We’d like to thank everyone at Embryolab and especially Mrs. Chatziparasidou and our gynaecologist Mrs. Pappas for the two little miracles we now hold in our arms and for their full support during the whole experience. May God keep you safe so you can continue to help more couples in having children!!!
    Katerina – Kostas
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    Yesterday we received the most precious gift from God! Our twin daughters were born! It wouldn’t have been possible, if it weren’t for you! For ten years we’d been fighting this monster called infertility; had examinations, took medicine, underwent surgery, had many unanswered questions and we always came out feeling defeated. That was until we found the most important ally, Embryolab. Having our medical history carefully examined by the doctors and the embryologist and receiving the proper treatment, led to us having our twins. We thank all the people at Embryolab from the bottom of our hearts and especially Mr. Christoforidis for his humane approach, his support and his exceptional professionalism. We honestly wish you will always be as happy as we are today!
    Eleni – Spyros
  • familly icon
    The birth of a child is always a divine gift! Let alone, when you’ve been through fire and water like we’ve had! 13 years of hardship make that gift even more precious. It makes no difference whether or not we have the same genes; besides we neither see nor feel that. What we see is a wonderful little angel and what we feel is nothing but pure love and happiness every time he smiles. If it weren’t for your help, we would have never been able to hold our baby in our arms. A thousand times thank you to all the people at Embryolab! We hope that you and your families will be filled with the same wonderful and unique feelings we now have!
    Giannis - Katerina
  • familly icon
    We thank your Centre and the whole personnel, but most of all we thank Mr. Pappas and Mrs. Chatziparasidou for the two little angels they have given us. Wish you all the best!
    F. T.
  • familly icon
    It was you with the help of God that have sent this miracle into our arms!!! We, therefore, send to your team and especially to our doctor, Mrs. Christina Ioakimidou, one of the few family pictures we have!!!!Lots of love!
    Th. – A. – G.
  • familly icon
    When it comes to happiness, a child’s birth cannot be compared to anything in the world. We learned that when Zoi was born on the 19th of May 2015. We’d like to thank you all for your help, your humane approach and your scientific accuracy during our efforts to get pregnant. We sent a picture of our daughter along with our warmest of wishes!
    A. G.
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    Dear doctor, Mr. Anesidis, we would personally like to thank you and the rest of the team for everything that you’ve done and for giving us this treasure! We would also like to thank you for respecting our wish and having a single embryo transfer. We congratulate you for your success in getting us pregnant right from the first attempt and with only one embryo implanted. The first chance we get, we will come and introduce you to our new family member! THANK YOU!
    Giorgos – Lina – Angelos
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    Warm thanks for everything that you’ve done for us; primarily for the fact that our son is due to be born in a month’s time and secondly for helping us to get over the fear we felt due to our previous painful attempts. Not only do we have the successful result we wanted, but what’s really important as well is that you paid attention to the details and you made sure that we had the fewest possible side-effects from the treatment. Having already had an egg collection without sedation (whatever the effects of that), it was a great relief to go through this whole procedure painlessly, at Embryolab. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you continue to make more couples happy!
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    My name is Eliza and I’m an only child; something that always made my mother feel uncomfortable. When acquaintances and friends used to ask why she wouldn’t have another child, it would often make her cry. She always wanted a family of 2-3 children, but she couldn’t have it. After I was born she had two miscarriages and an early menopause at the age of 35. When I turned 20 my mother and I along with her doctor as well had a conversation about Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) and the importance of having often check-ups due to my mother’s medical history. Accepting that there might be a chance I wouldn’t become a mother didn’t come easy to me. It crossed my mind to drop out of my studies and hurry to create a family. In 2009, at the age of 25, I decided to visit Embryolab for the first time. After meeting Mrs. Christoforidis and Mrs. Chatziparasidou I decided to go ahead and have my eggs cryopreserved, for the time being. In 2014, after I had 2 miscarriages, it turned out that my eggs had begun to decrease. That’s when my husband and I decided to have in-vitro fertilization and it was successful right from our first attempt. Our baby girls are 2 months old and already we’re thinking about having another child—maybe it’ll be a brother who will look after them. We already have 2 embryos and 6 cryopreserved eggs and that makes it easier to decide. I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart all the people at Embryolab for taking care of me and supporting me and especially thank Mr. Christoforidis, Mrs Chatziparasidou and Mr. Pappas for monitoring the whole procedure. I would also like to convey my mother’s regards for ‘making it possible for her only child to give her grandchildren with siblings,’ as she says. Thank you for making us a large family!
  • familly icon
    Another little miracle has happened in the world. Thank you for your invaluable help in assisting us to have our 2 little children. It is truly a wonderful feeling to experience twice what you thought would never happen at all. May God give you the strength to create beautiful and large families!
    Petros – Athina – Eleni – Giannis
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    It was a while before we got married that my husband and I found out that the only way for us to have children was through in-vitro fertilisation. All the friends and relatives with whom we felt comfortable enough to talk about it, told us about doctors and in-vitro fertilisation centres they knew, either by their own personal experience or by experiences other friends of theirs had. At first, we felt very frustrated. Later on, we noticed that with Embryolab we had only heard positive comments even from people who hadn’t yet managed to get pregnant. We decided to visit it first and it was the last one as well! After our first meeting with the doctors we already knew we wanted to go ahead with it there; there was no need for us to go anywhere else. The girls there were very helpful, the space was great and the procedures were clear. Right from the first talk we had with Mrs. Chatziparasidou and Mrs. Ioakimidou we felt safe and confident. And everything went just as we hoped for: a few months later we had our first positive pregnancy test and today, a year later, we came home holding our baby in our arms! Instead of going on a wedding journey, we had the journey of in-vitro fertilisation (only with a bit more stress than we’d have in a usual journey) and our baby was the best wedding present we got! Thank you for your invaluable help! You will always have a special place in our hearts!
    Nikos – Maria – Baby
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    We’d like to thank the whole Embryolab team and especially Mrs. Ioakimidou and Mrs. Samolada. Genetic counselling played an important role in our decision to go ahead with the preimplantation diagnosis which led to the birth of our 2 bouncing children who are not even carriers of Thalassemia—the reason why we had to undergo a very painful termination of pregnancy, in the past. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we ask of you to continue to inform more couples who are carriers of such diseases about the capacity they have to give birth to healthy children. We hope you continue to be successful in the valuable work that you do!
    Alexis – Fotini
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    A good morning and a good week! Through this letter, we’d like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us the joy to hold our little angel, born on 18/01/2015, in our arms. Your help has been invaluable and very important to us, but most of all your approach has been humane during all of these years that we’ve worked together—and we’ll surely work with you again. We wish you the best and to continue to be successful in your work! Sincerely yours,
    I & O
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    «Ευχαριστούμε πολύ!!! Άλλη μια ψυχούλα ήρθε στον κόσμο να μας ζήσει!!!»
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    «Θέλω να σας ευχαριστήσω όλους πολύ και ιδιαίτερα την κυρία Χατζηπαρασίδου και τον κύριο Παππά που με βοήθησαν να έχω έναν κούκλο 4 μηών… Είμαι τυχερή γιατί βρέθηκα εκεί, μετά από χρόνια ταλαιπωρίας… Σας στέλνουμε τα φιλιά μας και οι δύο.»
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    We made it! We became parents! Thanks to the help we got from Embryolab, Angelos came into our lives! Thanks to all the brilliant scientists and all the people at Embryolab who stood by our side during the whole journey. For us, success came thanks to the close cooperation of the doctors both between them as well as with us. After two previous efforts that failed, in a centre in Athens, and left us feeling nothing but negativity, it was hard for us to start all over again. Right from our first visit at Embryolab, though, we received an exemplary welcome from everyone and we felt comfortable just like we did in each visit that followed. The doctors’ analytical explanations about every examination and procedure, the care we had from the nurses, the transparency of the procedures, the cleanliness and calmness the space has made us feel safe. You made us feel special all the time and never did we feel like we were just ‘another client waiting in the queue.’ Especially when our first pregnancy turned out to be a biochemical one, the response we got from everyone was immediate. Our doctor gave us detailed answers and encouraged us to have a more thorough examination with the haematologist; something that enabled us to keep our cryopreserved embryos—our children—and save them from another failed attempt. Thanks to proper guidance and treatment we managed to bring Angelos into this world. Thank you all for your team spirit, your humane approach and your exceptional services! You are truly an example in what you do and we hope you continue with the same passion to make more couples PARENTS!
    Eleni – Thodoris
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    Trusting Embryolab was the best decision we’ve ever taken! And if success could be measured in kilograms and metres, then it would be 3.400kg and 0.52m—as heavy and tall as Eleni, who was born yesterday, is! Thank you all and most of all Mrs. Christina Ioakimidou with whom we share this success! Best wishes to all, always have successes!
    Giannis – Angeliki
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    I’d like to thank all the people at Embryolab and especially Mrs. Alexia Chatziparasidou for keeping me fertile for 8 years and I now have a beautiful son. I was 21 years old when I had to undergo chemo treatment to fight cancer and my doctor in England suggested I cryopreserved my sperm in case my fertility got affected. As it turned out he was right! Thankfully, at the time I had the sense to listen to him and I took the right decision. Since I was from Greece, he suggested Embryolab which had ‘the equipment and an experienced embryologist,’ as he said. Thank you for making this whole procedure painless and with the less possible discomfort for my wife. I appreciate everything that you’ve done for us! We wish from the bottom of our hearts that you continue to give hope and life to the people who trust you with their dream. Sincerely yours,
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    We thank Embryolab and especially Mr. Pappas for his exceptional services and his help in making it very easy, quick and painless for us to have our twin baby boys. Before we found the right person to help us at Embryolab, we’d been through two years of continuous examinations, ultrasounds and measurements. With you, just one insemination was enough for us to get pregnant! Dear Doctor, thank you very much and we wish that you’ll always bring results as easily as you did in our case!
    Konstantina – Petros
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    Dear Mr. Christoforidis, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us! Thanks to you we now have the most precious gift in the world—our daughter! After years of trying, having examinations, undergoing surgeries, taking medication and visiting a variety of doctors, we managed to become parents! Thanks to your calmness, your scientific knowledge and your guidance in every step of the way we got the desired result. We experienced ourselves what we had been reading about you: a customised and humane approach! For the first time we felt like someone truly wanted us to succeed and wasn’t just interested in taking as much money as possible from us. What impressed us the most was that in every step of the way you would explain to us the choices we had and together we decided on what to do next. My heartiest congratulations to you and the whole Embryolab team for your exceptional work! Sincerely yours,
    Eleni - Pavlos
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    There is no greater feeling than the first kick of your baby during pregnancy! Mr. Anesidis, thank you! I owe this miracle to you! May God keep you safe so you can always make couples that want children happy!
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    The birth of a child is the most magical moment in a couple’s life! Let alone when you had come to believe that all chances of experiencing such a thing were gone for good! When I was faced with leukaemia at the age of 14, everyone focused on saving my life no matter the consequences on my fertility. I was able to become a mother thanks to egg donation. Thank you Mr. Pappas and Mrs. Chatziparasidou for making my dream come true! I would also like to THANK the egg donor for whom I will feel everlasting gratitude even though I have never met her. I hope that more fertile young women will do the same and offer hope and life to women who have lost their chances of becoming mothers. Thank you all!
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    After 9 years of unexplained infertility and a series of miscarriages the people of Embryolab were able to give us an answer as well as a solution! A year has passed after our first visit there and we are now holding our precious one in our arms! Our baby girl was born yesterday as expected and she is bouncing! Mastery in the scientific level, thorough research, the right diagnosis and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis made my dream come true! We thank you all for your full support and your professionalism, but most of all we thank Mr. Christoforidis, Mrs. Ioakimidou and Mrs. Samolada. We hope that you’ll always be a source of happiness in every couple’s life.
    Nikoleta – Vangelis
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    There is nothing worse for a man than to be unable to make the woman of his life a mother; to see the desire in her eyes while holding a paper that rules such an option out! Thankfully, in our case we found the right allies! The MICRO-TESE we had in Embryolab gave us the few sperms needed even though everyone was telling us to get a donor sperm. Thank you for your precious help thanks to which we are now holding our two wonderful little creatures in our arms! The smile on my wife’s face when she brought our little angels into the world makes me the happiest and most complete man alive! No matter how many times I thank you, it won’t be enough. I hope you are all well and that you continue to make more people happy!
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    We would like to CONGRATULATE Embryolab for its praiseworthy work! Both my husband and I are carriers of Thalassaemia. 15 years ago, when we decided to take our relationship further and have children, we were told that the only way to assure that our child won’t have the disease is to avoid having children. We were even told not to get married. In the end, though, after having the accurate information, the research and tenacity needed we succeeded! A few days ago our second child was born! Our new-born son is only a carrier of the disease while our 2-year-old daughter is not even that. We’d like it if more couples who are carriers would follow our example and bare in mind that, through pre-implantation diagnosis and in-vitro fertilisation, there is a solution to the problem. The latter might scare some people, but not having any children at all or having a child that is ill is certainly scarier. Mr. Pappas, Mrs. Chatziparasidou and Mrs. Samolada thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything that you’ve done for us.
    Giorgos – Nefeli
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    To Mr. Christoforidis, Alexia and the rest of the personnel: 6 years ago when doctors told me to proceed with this method I was completely negative about it. Moreover, I thought to myself that L. and I were just fine being only the two of us. Today, I have to say that I can’t even imagine my life without the two children I have and it’s all thanks to you. They are gorgeous, they are a blessing, and they are angels—a blessing that gives us happiness. And there is no doubt that they are mine! Thank you is the least I can say! Lots of love! P.S.: In spring time, when the danger of catching a flue will have passed, we will bring our daughters so you can see what a great job you’ve done! Our little daughters were born premature on 14/10/2014. Already, they are 3 months old!
    K. O.
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    We thank all the people at Embryolab for making our dream come true! Thank you for your exceptional and high quality service and for the full support you provided us with. Most of all thank you for the two little angels you brought into our lives. For a whole year your Unit became our second home and you all became our family! No effort was spared on your part: the doctors, the anaesthesiologists, the embryologist, the psychologist, even the midwives and the secretaries. Having the eggs collected during the natural cycle was a long and difficult procedure, but with the right people on our side we came through it as winners!
    Stefanos – Katerina
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    Right when we thought that the dream of becoming a family was brought to an end, Embryolab came into our lives. After 3 inseminations, 4 IVFs, 6 embryo transfers, 7 negative hCG results and 2 miscarriages we had decided to give up trying. That’s when a friend who got pregnant right from her first attempt at Embryolab offered to give us the rest of the medication she was taking and suggested we met with her doctor and give it another try or at least talk to him before giving up. Right from the first time we met Mr. Christoforidis we felt confident and we saw a ray of light again. He only mentioned in-vitro fertilisation once he examined our medical history and had my husband further examined; something that played an important role in our case. Once we had all the facts, we discussed with the embryologist about the choices we had and she left the decision in our hands after making some suggestions. The customised humane approach, the professionalism and the documentation of everything we were told led us to the decision of giving it one last try. The collection of sperm through FNA and the micro-fertilisation through IMSI enabled us to have very good embryos for the first time. Almost 4 years later those ‘beautiful’ embryos, as Mrs. Chatziparasidou had called them, developed into a 2.5 year-old sweet little boy and a wonderful new-born girl. We would like to THANK Mrs. Chatziparasidou and Mr. Christoforidis for respecting our dream and for making it come true. We would also like to send a message out to other couples who are having the same problem as we did 4 years ago and say to them that science and technology are developing at a fast rate and that with the help of brilliant scientists they too can have their dream come true! Thank you for everything!
    Giorgos – Roula
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    We thank all the people at Embryolab! Most of all we thank our gynaecologist Mr. Pappa, Mrs Mousidou and our psychologist Mr. Morrou for their care and support. After so many years of hardship, taking the decision to go ahead with the Egg Donation Programme was not an easy task. We were given a detailed briefing on the situation; we had support from the psychologist in order to accept the new facts; the whole Unit showed nothing but professionalism and followed the procedures strictly before we went ahead with it; a decision that proved us right. You gave us the most precious gift of all and it would be a great honour and pleasure if you all came to our daughters’ christening so we could thank you in person. Lots of love.
    Lina – Thomas
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    Dear Embryolab, having completed the crypreservation of my eggs, I would like to thank you all for standing by my side during the whole procedure: my doctor, Mr. Pappas for his guidance, his humane and friendly approach, his care and his good cooperation with my oncologist; Mrs. Chatziparasidou for the detailed briefing and support; Maria from the surgery room and all the nurses that took care of me; Veatriki for helping me out with the bureaucratic procedures and everyone I met at Embryolab who with their smile, their polite manners and their services made everything much easier for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I wish you are all well and may the New Year be fulfilling for each one of you!
  • familly icon
    Thank you for the opportunity to experience pregnancy and to become a mother at my 45 years of age. Whether the egg was mine or not doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I felt this baby growing inside of me; I felt alive by giving life! I thank all the people at Embryolab for their exceptional services, their understanding, their support and the unique result they brought to me! Thank you for making my dream come true!
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    Congratulations to all the people at Embryolab for the wonderful work that you do! You gave me the opportunity to win the battle against cancer while keeping the dream of motherhood alive. For us, the cancer patients as they call us, certain treatments are a one way street no matter the consequences. The opportunity to preserve my eggs and create a family is precious! Today, 4 years later, I’m healthy and I was able to give birth to my own bouncing baby. As you can see in the photos I’ve sent you, Christos is 3 months old today and he truly is my treasure! My oncologist’s briefing and his encouragement to cryopreserve my eggs before undergoing chemotherapy was the most important advice I got during the hardest time of my life. The experience and expertise along with the excellent cooperation I had with my doctor brought the most precious things: my life itself and my son! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and please inform every young woman that is going through the same difficulty as I did about the possibility of staying fertile; because we all deserve the right to live, hope and dream.
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    The most beautiful moment in our lives has the signature of Embryolab! After 7 years of hardship, 8 inseminations, 2 IVF efforts, 2 miscarriages and many negative results we decided to come to Thessaloniki to visit Embryolab. It was the best decision we took during these 7 years. The proper investigation of our medical history and the attempt we had during the 4th month of my natural cycle both resulted in the 2 precious embryos that led to the birth of our daughter. We would like to express our boundless gratitude to Mr. Anesidi and to everyone who took care of us and offered their exceptional services. Thank you for bringing this treasure in our home!
    Irini – Panagiotis
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    We thank Mr. Christoforidi, Ms. Chatziparasidou and the rest of the Embryolab team for bringing these two wonderful little creatures into our lives. Thank you for the opportunity to follow the sperm donation programme which gave us the twins we now hold in our arms.
    Maria - Kostas
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    We thank Embryolab in general and Mrs. Chatziparasidou, Mrs. Samolada and Mrs. Ioakimidou especially for making these two little miracles that we now hold in our arms happen, thanks to the Preimplantation Diagnosis procedure. Thank you for your humane approach and the interest you’ve shown. When everybody else was saying that the two previous miscarriages and all we’d been through were just unfortunate events, coincidence or misfortunes; that we were still young and had the time in the world to make it happen, you were the ones who cared the most, explained things to us and guided us towards the right path. We feel very lucky to have met Mrs. Ioakimidou. That was a truly fortunate event that gave us the two stars of our lives. We would truly like to visit you as a family, but unfortunately the kilometres between us are many and they don’t allow it. The first chance we get, we will come and introduce you to A. and M. who are now 3 months old. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we wish that you’ll always be healthy and strong in order to continue to do the remarkable job that you do!
    Christina - Nikitas
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    It might have taken us some time to decide, but finally at age 43 we became parents! We thank Embryolab for giving us that chance as well as the whole team which supported us and brought to us the desired result! We thank our doctor, Mrs. Ioakimidou for her direct support in every step of the way. Step by step we managed to adjust to the treatment and that surely saved us a lot of time and inconvenience. Our doctor, our embryologist and the midwives gave us a detailed briefing on what had to be done and why and that made us feel confident and safe in every step of the way. We thank the psychologist of the Unit for keeping our heads up while we were faced with this new experience! We thank all of you for helping us bring these two wonderful little creatures into our lives. Congratulations to all of you for your exceptional services.
    Giorgos – Vagia
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    For most people getting pregnant is an easy, quick and simple task which happens without any great effort. For some of us it takes time, it hurts both mentally and physically and it might not even happen at all. Thank you all for being there during our struggle. Thanks to your help we were able to hear a little heartbeat! Congratulations to Embryolab for supporting couples that are going through the difficulty of infertility. We wish you’ll all be well and you’ll continue to offer your exceptional services to anyone who needs them!
    Mary - Giannis