The Company, as the beneficiary of the websites at the domain name,  (hereinafter, for the sake of brevity, the “Web Pages”), operates and manages the Web Pages under the terms of use set out below in detail; visitors are requested to read carefully and comply with these terms. Visiting the pages of this website and utilising any information provided therein entails unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions.Should visitors/users not agree with the terms of use hereof, they must not use the services and content of the Web Pages.


  • Copyright on the content and services of the Web Pages, including but not limited to: texts, photographs, graphics, commercial and financial information, programmes, files of any type, trademarks/logos and the layout of the Web Page, are protected by Greek, EU and international copyright laws, are exclusively owned by the Company, and are made available to users strictly for personal use. In the context of good faith and good commercial practice, the Company makes every possible effort to ensure that the content and information appearing on the Web Page at any time is as accurate and true as possible, but shall bear no liability for their reliability or completeness.
  • It is prohibited to copy, distribute, transfer, process, re-sell, create work production or mislead the public with respect to the actual provider of the content of the Web Page. Any reproduction, reissue, download, communication, dissemination or distribution or any other use of the content of the Web Page in any way or using any means for commercial or other purposes is allowed solely after obtaining the written permission of the company or any rightful owner of the copyright.
  • Otherwise, the above actions could constitute infringement of the Company’s copyright / industrial property rights, and the Company reserves the right to claim any incidental and consequential damages it incurs in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force. More specifically, each Web Page constitutes a registered domain name that has been lawfully assigned to the Company and is governed by the relevant protective provisions concerning domain names.


  • Minors are prohibited from using the web pages, as they are exclusively addressed to adults by law. If minors, freely and without parental supervision and consent, visit web pages or use services accessible through the pages of this website that could be considered inappropriate or harmful for them , the administrators of this website shall bear no liability.
  • Visitors/users of the Web Page must comply with the rules and provisions of Greek, EU and international law, as well as the relevant legislation governing telecommunications, and must abstain from any unlawful and abusive behaviour when visiting/using this Web Page and in relation thereto. Visits to/use of this website must take place exclusively for lawful purposes and in a manner that does not restrict or hinder its visit/use by third parties. Users are obligated to use the Web Pages in accordance with the law, morality and these terms, and to abstain from acts or omissions that could cause them damage or malfunction , or influence or endanger the provision of services through the Web Pages.
  • As such, visitors agree that they will not use the website for purposes that include but are not limited to:
  1. a) Causing harm to minors;
  2. b) Transmitting or accessing information that: i) infringes any third-party rights (e.g. copyright and industrial property rights); ii) infringes the personality rights of third parties (e.g. slanderous, racist content); iii) contravenes the law, morality and good commercial practice; iv) injures the privacy and individual and social rights of third parties in any manner;
  3. c) Misleading anyone as regards the origin of the content of this website, harming the reputation of the owners or third parties in any manner, jeopardizing the security of their network, preventing any user from accessing this website or any service within the owners’ network, or circumventing the verification of their identity by the owners;
  4. d) Installing and promoting in any way any independent or non-authorised advertisement or spam messages or any other form of spam content promotion, as well as installing and promoting advertisements without the written consent of the owners;
  5. e) Installing, promoting or/and providing content containing software viruses or any other online code, files or programmes designed to interfere, destroy or limit the operation of any software or telecommunication equipment, or preventing other visitors from using this website.
  • Visitors/users shall be held liable and must restore any damage caused to the Company and/or the website due to unlawful or illicit or other use of this Website and the services offered through it that contravenes morality and these terms.
  • In order to access certain services or connect to certain web pages, visitors may be requested by the owners to provide their data in order to obtain a relevant password or passwords. These data are not disclosed by the owners to third parties under any circumstances. The above data must always be true, accurate, valid and complete. Visitors are responsible for all acts carried out using their password, and are obligated to immediately notify the owner company of any unauthorised use thereof and any (including potential) security violation. The owners shall not be held liable for any loss or damage caused by unauthorised or unlawful use of the password by third parties due to a leak or any other reason, and reserve the right to claim compensation from visitors in the event that they incur any losses due to unauthorised or unlawful use of the password. The owners may, at any time, refuse to grant a password or cancel a password granted or terminate the provision of these services to a visitor and to refuse any current or future use of this website in the event of infringement of the Terms of Use.


  • Our web pages may link to other web pages via “links”, hyperlinks or advertising banners and the providers of such web pages bear full (civil and criminal) liability for the security, legality and validity of the content of their web pages and services, with the owner company of this website bearing no liability whatsoever, including liability concerning copyright and industrial property rights or any third-party rights. As such, visitors are obligated to comply with the terms of use of these web pages and directly address their providers for any issue arising in relation to their visit and/or use.
  • The content of the Web Pages and the services provided through the website are available ‘as is’ and the Company provides no warranty, explicit or otherwise, concerning the appropriateness, correctness, timeliness, marketability, non-infringement or suitability of that content for any use, application or purpose. The Company shall take any appropriate and reasonably expected measure in order to ensure that the data, information and audiovisual material making up the content of the Web Pages are complete, accurate and reliable. However, the Company cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness, accuracy and reliability of the above data and shall not be held liable towards visitors/users or third parties for any losses caused by their false, inaccurate or untimely nature.
  • The Company makes every possible effort and takes appropriate organisational measures and security measures, in the context of technological control, to ensure that the services and content of the Web Pages are provided in a problem-free, uninterrupted manner. However, the Company shall not be held liable in the event that, for any reason, including negligence, the operation of the Web Pages is suspended or made difficult and/or access to the Web Pages becomes impossible or if, despite the security measures taken, ‘viruses’ or other malicious software is identified and transmitted to the terminals of users/visitors, or if unauthorized third parties (‘hackers’) interfere with the content and operation of the Web Pages, making their use difficult or causing problems to their proper operation. Additionally, the Company shall bear no responsibility for the temporary non-availability of the Web Pages, the cessation of individual or all functions thereof or any malfunction or technical issues that might arise.
  • The Company shall not be held liable under any circumstances, including negligence, towards users or any third party for any form of loss, whether direct or indirect, related in any manner to the use of the Web Page, browsing the Web Page and use of the services or information it contains. All visitors/users must take appropriate security measures (e.g. anti-virus software) before downloading anything from the Web Page. The cost of potential corrections or repairs shall be borne by the visitors/users and not by the Company in any event.
  • The owners shall not be held liable towards users for any leak of their personal data due to use on their part of third-party products and services through the pages of this website.

These terms and conditions may be amended in the future without warning. The Courts of Thessaloniki have jurisdiction ratione materiae over any dispute arising in relation hereto.