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Our results

For Embryolab to draw conclusions from its results, we take into consideration all our circumstances, irrespective of age and medical history. For each case, no matter how complicated, there are scientifically supported possibilities of success. Furthermore, we believe it is vital to take into account pregnancies with healthy children and not just the positive pregnancy test..

The parameters considered in the evaluation of the statistical values of success are:

  • The number of IVF cycles: the larger the sample, the more representative and reliable the results.
  • The average age of the woman: this shows how selective an IVF Unit is in the type of cases it takes on.
  • The pregnancy rate per age group (30-35, 35-40, 40-45, and so on), since in this way an interested party is placed more correctly in terms of the general average.
  • ΤThe cancellation rate, which demonstrates transparently that a certain percentage will not complete their treatment.
  • Updating of statistics on an annual basis.
  • That the percentage of positive pregnancy tests does not equate with the percentage of births, since a number of women with a positive test result afterwards miscarry.
  • The amount of multiple pregnancies: this is significant since is reflects the number of embryos implanted and the unit’s policy regarding obstetric complications.
  • That special categories of assisted reproduction should mandatorily provide a birth rate and health information on the newborn e.g. Preimplantation Diagnosis.

The truth is rewarded and the success rates, when reliably high, assume even greater value.

Success rate per age group

Results of the preimplantation diagnosis programme at each stage of pregnancy.

Percentage of multiple/single pregnancies per treatment programme

Induction cycles

Ooocyte/embryo donation programmes