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In order for you to enjoy the best services accompanied with high and certified quality, we at Embryolab apply a service control system with the most stringent of standards.

The scientists and specialists at Embryolab are continuously kept abreast of all new developments and data so that we can provide in the most complete and up-to-date manner the whole spectrum of services for assisted reproduction.


Before starting the treatment, we investigate
the reasons preventing the couple from having
a successful pregnancy.

Donation program

An increasing number of couples with a medical history, such as menopause, ovarian deficiency, recurrent failures for the women or issues related to serious male low fertility (azoospermia, hereditary syndromes) and so on, need to refer to an oocyte, sperm or embryo donation program to achieve their goal to have a child.


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Fertility preservation

Women today can take into their own hands their plans regarding reproduction. The timely and safe preservation of their oocytes allow them to manage their fertility for the future and make all those important decisions which affect them directly. Cancer patients can preserve their fertility and become parents after their therapy is over.

Through sperm cryopreservation, a man’s fertility is safeguarded and increases the likelihood of him becoming a biological father in the future.


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We are beside you at every step of the way to make your dream of becoming parents come true. We will look after you by offering the highest medical services from our fully trained personnel so that you may fulfil your wishes at each step in the procedure.