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Having a detailed record combined with the proper research are keys to designing the appropriate treatment. At Embryolab we follow specific steps to get the best result.

Our approach is holistic and the protocol we apply is personalised. We then implement the most appropriate techniques for each case, leading to a healthy pregnancy and a child at home.

Assisted reproduction

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The quality of the oocyte plays a key role.

At Embryolab we apply a personalised treatment protocol tailored for the particular needs of each woman.


We apply the most up-to-date techniques

Personalised protocols

At Embryolab, we know that low fertility requires an individualised approach. The important thing is that every couple facing fertility issues, will undergo the appropriate examinations, on the basis of which we select personalised treatments and methods to deal with low fertility. We apply personalised reproductive medicine and adapt the innovation in each case separately so as to achieve the greatest benefits.


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