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At Embryolab our goal is fertility

For us, dealing with low fertility has got to do with care for the individual and the couple with the profound understanding of the uniqueness and feelings of each one.

Embryolab we are dedicated to this. We call it the science that cares.


Embryolab is a Gold Partner of the International Body of IVF Centres Fertility Network

Our vision

At Embryolab, we are people with passion and respect in your vision, dedicated to knowledge, we change lives, create families.


15 years by your side!

Our results

Embryolab faithfully implements regulations which contributed to shaping and following international organisations in Europe and the USA which govern the operation of assisted reproduction units as regards the processing and publication of livebirth rates.


A modern and welcoming place

The facilities

At Embryolab we receive those who put their trust in us in a place designed to set a positive mood, comfort and familiarity from the very start of your efforts.

A friendly environment, gentleness, optimism and a calm atmosphere await you at each visit to Embryolab.