EUROPEAN FERTILITY WEEK November 1st – 7th: Overturning Male Fertility

More than 25 million people in the European Union face nowadays fertility issues, while the male factor affects 40% of all cases. European Fertility Week 2021 […]
Remote IVF. Is it possible?

Remote IVF. Is it possible?

Infertility is one of the most common problems a couple has to face. As technology and science have evolved dramatically, the vast majority of these couples […]

Vaccination against Covid-19, assisted reproduction, IVF and pregnancy

Can women and men, who are planning on a pregnancy in the near future, be vaccinated against COVID-19? The vaccination program is progressing rapidly in Greece […]

Greece: 52 is the extended age limit for women undergoing IVF treatments after new legislation comes into effect

The age limit for women undergoing IVF treatment in Greece has been extended to 52 years. The decision was taken by the Ministry of Health, upon […]
Welcome to #EmbryolabVR!

Welcome to #Embryolab!

The path to fertility begins here: ▶ Find our location, explore every space and get to know us better! Enter the clinic virtually and get […]
For IVF injections, we need: Positive Psychology & Care

For IVF injections, we need: Positive Psychology & Care

Positive Psychology IVF treatment is for every woman an unprecedented experience, not only for her body, but also for her psychology. On the one hand her […]
Artificial collapse (AC) of human dilated stem cells protects the quality of stem cells during the vitrification / thawing process

Study presentation on the method which ensures the quality of the blastocysts, by Embryolab

The results of a recent Embryolab study announced at this year’s ESHRE virtual conference, presented by Mrs. Mary Karagianni, MSc. Clinical Embryologist, indicate that “Artificial collapse […]

Multinucleated and non-multinucleated embryos in PGT-A cycles: Is there any difference?

The results of the recent study that Εmbryolab performed were announced at ESHRE Annual Meeting, and presented by Mrs. Marianna Papadopoulou BSc, Clinical Embryologist, accredited by […]
Safe Practices in Art Labs - poster

A great initiative from Greece and Embryolab Academy for the whole world.

Safe Practices in ART Labs, a Global Virtual Conference, on April 24th, 2021 More than 1000 registered participants, from 102 countries around the world will participate […]
LH Dimitraki

LH, The hormone of female fertility

Dr. Marina Dimitraki, MD, MSc, MHA, PhD, EFOG-EBCOG, Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Assisted Reproduction Specialist at Embryolab and Associate of the European Organization of Reproductive Medicine, ESHRE / EBCOG […]
Embryolab Freedom

The Freedom of Choice

The Freedom of Choice and of our Rights were conquered during the Greek Revolution in 1821. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Greek […]
Embryolab Victory

Perseverance is what leads to Victory

By Evi Kalouta, Psychologist-Psychotherapist “But why do you insist?” Sometimes you hear it from others but often wonder yourself as well. Very often the answer that […]